Halifax Minor Baseball Code Of Conduct


The HMB code of conduct applies to players, parents, and coaches.  By registering your child to play, you are agreeing that you will abide by this Code of Conduct, that you will encourage your child to abide by it, and that you will accept HMB’s enforcement of it (if necessary).


For Players

(Parents: This section has been written so that players of all ages can understand it.  Please read it to your player as part of the registration process!)


There are some things you can’t do in a baseball game or it spoils the fun for you and for everyone.

·  You can’t swear at or insult the other team;

·  You can’t insult, humiliate, or physically hurt your teammates;

·  You can’t throw your bat or your helmet or your glove when you’re frustrated or angry;

·  You can’t cheat;

·  You can’t shout at the ump or argue a call;

·  You can’t treat your coach with disrespect.


A player who does any of these things will be reminded by the coach that it’s wrong.  If a player keeps doing it, the coach will likely bench the player, with the full support of HMB.  If the behaviour continues, or if the coach gives up on trying to fix it and other players or parents complain about it, HMB will step in to stop it.  HMB’s sanctions may range from a warning to a suspension; if the behaviour is especially bad, the more severe penalties may be applied without a prior warning.


For Parents

Baseball is an absorbing and exciting sport to watch, and we are all cheering our players on, but there are limits to fan conduct.  Specifically:

·  Parents must not shout abuse at the opposing team, at the umps, at the opposing fanbase, or at their own team and its coach.  A tense, hostile atmosphere at the ballpark undermines the enjoyment of the game by players and fans alike.  HMB is running baseball for the kids, and the environment must be kept kid-friendly.

·  Parents must not try to coach their own kids or the team from the stands.


For Coaches 

HMB coaches are expected to abide by the following:

·  Coaches should be impartial; parent coaches should neither favour nor disfavour their own kids.

·  In disciplining players, coaches should be firm, but should avoid humiliating players. It should also be clear to the player why disciplinary measures like benching are being imposed.

·  Coaches shall not verbally or physically abuse players.

·  Coaches must treat umpires with respect.  The umpire shortage is real, and every effort is being made to retain umpires in the sport. To that end, umpires have been directed by their association to eject coaches for unsportsmanlike language, harassment, or aggressive behaviour, with the full backing of Baseball Nova Scotia. Your team needs its coach on the bench, so please don’t get ejected or suspended.