11U Playing Rules




1. SIX INNINGS - no extra innings during the regular season.

2. Games begin at 6:00 PM sharp! Players should be present at least twenty (20) minutes before the 6:00 PM game time for the coach to set the lineup and have a warmup. No infield warmups will be permitted after 6:00 PM. Note that a 15-minute grace period is usually given for a team who does not have all their players at 6:00 PM. Coaches should ensure that this is not abused.


4. TEN RUN MERCY RULE AFTER FIVE INNINGS (four and a half if home team leading).

5. Wins/losses/ties will be recorded in the standings.

6. RAINOUTS are considered ties, if not made up.

7. WINS will result in two points and TIES will result in one point.

8. Final standings will determine the teams that playoff.

9. Teams tied at the end of the regular season will be determined by:

- Total wins

- If still tied: total games won against each other

- If still tied: total runs scored

- If still tied: total runs against

10. Game Time Limit. A new inning will not start after 8:00pm. This will change to 7:45pm on the first Monday of August. Once the time limit has been reached teams are to finish the inning in process. Playoff games will start at 5:45pm.

11. Time limit between innings. Umpires to enforce a three (3) minute time limit for between inning warm-ups. After a warning a team violating this rule will be assigned an out to start next at bat. This time limit is subject to review and may change during the course of the year. 


If HRM declares that the field(s) is not playable then all coaches must adhere to their decision. Coaches who decide to play and/or practice after HRM has declared the fields unplayable will result in the coach being given an immediate suspension.




The following rules are those that govern 11U play in the Halifax Minor Baseball Recreational League.



1. All batters will begin their at-bat with a 1 ball and 1 strike count. This will force batters to swing more often and speed up the rate of play.

2. Coaches exchange their line-ups with each other before the start of the game. Scorekeepers on both teams should keep track of runs both for and against. Line up cards may be required by the umpires and must be provided if requested.

3. Coaches are required to coach from the bench or coaches’ boxes.

4. ONLY ONE COACH PER TEAM IS ALLOWED TO ASK THE UMPIRES ABOUT A CALL. That coach is to be named before the game begins, when Coaches and Captains are called to the plate. Players cannot be named to this role. If a non-named coach or player approaches the umpires, it is an automatic ejection. If the named coach gets ejected, the team loses the right to have a coach approach the umpires. Coaches will only be permitted to cross the foul lines to assess and/or assist injured players or ask for a ruling clarification.

5. The winning coach is responsible for calling in or emailing the scores and highlights to the league statistician within 24 hours of the game.

6. Teams not fielding a minimum of eight (8) players forfeit the game.

If Coaches are expected to be short players, they shall organize “call-up” players (see Rule #7). 

For Regular Season only: If at game time, there is a team of seven (7) players and the opposing team has ten (10) or more players, the opposing team shall lend player(s) to the other team. The opposing team shall never go below nine (9) players. For example: If a team has seven (7) and the opposing team has eleven (11), then the opposing team with eleven (11) will lend two (2), so both teams have nine (9).  We encourage coaches to choose players fairly (i.e. Ask players to volunteer or choose randomly). The rule’s intent is to make sure the kid’s play.

7. Only second year 9U players may be called up to 11U. Coaches should evenly distribute call-up opportunities amongst their eligible players. Call-ups are not eligible to pitch or catch in 11U.

8. All players must wear a ball cap, and properly – Baseball Nova Scotia rule.

9. All players in full uniform during games, shirts must be tucked into pants (Players not in full uniform will not be permitted to play).

10. All players must have a number on their shirt (no two numbers are to be the same).

11. Batting helmets and chin straps are mandatory while at bat, in the on-deck circle and on the base-paths.

12. All players must wear a protector cup (or Jill straps for females).

13. No leadoffs. Base Runners shall not leave their bases until the pitched ball has reached the batter. The most common situation occurs when the runner leaves early, and the batter does not hit the ball. In this situation if a play is made on the runner and he is tagged out… the OUT will stand. If he reaches a base safely, ‘TIME” is called, and he is returned to the base he occupied before the pitch was made…and NO OUT shall result.

14. No bunting.

15. All players bat in order. Once the batting order is set, the batting order cannot be changed. Note: batting out of order will result in an out.

16. The only players who will be allowed to hold a bat are the batter and the player on-deck. For safety reasons they may only swing the bat while on the playing field.

17. The “Infield Fly Rule” is not in effect for this division.

18. Catchers cannot block home plate unless they are attempting to field the ball thrown directly to home plate – safety reasons - called for interference.

19. Fielders must not block the path of a runner(s) - called for interference.

20. Runners must not interfere with the fielders attempt at fielding the ball – called for interference.

21. Contact Rule: Runners are instructed to slide or attempt to avoid contacting a fielder. A player who maliciously (intentional excessive force) runs into another player is to be declared out and automatically ejected. The player may be subject to additional penalties as determined by the League President.

22. Third Strike: Batters may not advance to first base if on the third strike the catcher misses the ball. The batter is AUTOMATICALLY retired…however, the ball is alive and in play - see rule #23 re runners on third and rule #24 re no stealing of second.

23. A runner on 3rd base cannot score on a pass ball, wild pitch or dropped third strike. A runner on 3rd base cannot advance home as a result of any interaction between the pitcher and catcher. All other advancement is legal.

24. No stealing of 2nd base. A runner may only advance from 1st base on a ball hit in play, a batter hit by a pitch, or a walk. For clarity, a batter may not advance from 1st base on a passed ball or a wild pitch.

25. A runner can attempt a steal of 3rd base but cannot advance home if an unsuccessful attempt is made at the bag. This rule is to encourage the catchers to throw to the bag.

26. If the ball is thrown out of bounds runners move up one base.

27. Pitchers must be in contact with the rubber when pitching.

28. A pitcher who is removed from the game shall not be permitted to return to pitch in the same game, even if the pitcher is retained in the game at another position.

29. The pitching week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

30. A player may pitch no more than two (2) innings in a game, three (3) in a day (2 innings of one doubleheader game and 1 of the other) and six (6) in a week or championship weekend. Even one pitch in an inning constitutes an inning pitched. If a pitcher throws three (3) innings in a day, they require one (1) day’s rest. A day’s rest is defined at midnight the day that they pitch to midnight the next day.

31. A second trip to the mound by a coach in any inning the pitcher must be removed and replaced by another pitcher.

32. A pitcher who hits two (2) batters in an inning or three (3) in a game must be removed from the mound, even if the pitch hits the ground prior to hitting the batter.

33. There shall be a maximum of five (5) warm-up pitches for a new pitcher starting an inning or entering the game mid-inning. There shall be a maximum of three (3) warm-up pitches for a returning pitcher. Warm-up pitches can be between the pitcher and anyone who is receiving at home plate while the catcher is getting ready. Whoever is receiving must wear a helmet and mask for safety.

34. When the catcher is on base with two outs, he/she must come out of the game to put on his/her gear in order to be ready for the next half inning. The catcher is to be replaced on base by the player who made the second out in the inning. A catcher must be ready at the start of each inning.

35. All players play a minimum of three (3) innings in a game during the regular season and playoffs.

36. The 11U playing field shall be sixty (60) feet between all bases and the distance between the point of home base and the front side of the pitcher’s plate shall be forty-four (44) feet.

37. Bats that are used for 11U play must meet Baseball Canada’s rules governing bat size. The bat shall not exceed 32 inches in length and not more 2 3/4 inches in diameter at its thickest part. VIOLATION OF THE BAT SIZE - The batter will be called out and the player and coach may be subject to additional penalties as determined by the League President.

38. Shoes with metal cleats or “spikes” are prohibited. Rubber molded cleats on running shoes are permitted.

39. All players can wear sunglasses. If pitchers wear sunglasses they must be non-reflective. Proper sports sunglasses are strongly recommended.

40. No jewelry is allowed, except for medical alert.

41. There will be no alcohol or tobacco products (smoking) on the field and around the dugouts. All player/coaches are asked to pick up any garbage in or around their dugout at the end of the game.


An individual player can only play one additional inning more than any other teammate per game - including playoffs.

The overall intent is:

* THROUGHOUT THE SEASON/YEAR ALL PLAYERS PLAY AN EQUAL AMOUNT OF TIME as all players have paid the same amount to play baseball

* To prevent some players from playing every inning of every game while other players are splitting games

* Coaches will rotate the batting order during the regular season so that the same players are not hitting at the bottom of the order all year. However, once a batting order is set for a game it must remain unchanged for that game.





The WINNING Team (HOME Team in the event of TIE) is responsible for submitting the game scores to the LEAGUE. Click on the following link to open an email with the correct reporting addresses:


Game scores should be submitted by 10:00 PM on game day to ensure they are entered on the HMB website.


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