7U Playing Rules



If HRM declares that the field(s) are not playable then all coaches must adhere to their decision. Coaches who decide to play and/or practice after HRM has declared the fields unplayable will result in the coach be given an immediate suspension. There are no make up sessions in Novice due to weather.

7U Division is intended to focus on skill development through running 4-5 practice stations per session followed with a “game” (see below).
Parent/Guardian volunteers are essential to make this program a success. Sessions usually last about an hour, but the field is booked for 1.5 hours.  Two teams participate during each session.  We encourage teams to mix through the stations, but that is the coach’s choice.
Typically, stations should run simultaneously for approximately 8-10 minutes each with an equal number of players in each station.  After 8-10 minutes, the players should rotate to the next station until all stations are completed.

Each station should focus on a fundamental skill of baseball, namely: base running, throwing, catching, fielding or batting.  No need to cover each technique each session. Make stations more advanced as season progresses.

Practice plans suggestions will be provided at the beginning of the season. We also refer coaches to the Rally Cap program (White Cap level) offered by Baseball Canada.  The following links provide brief overviews of basic concepts and practice plans, respectively.


Practice Plans:

At the end of the stations, we recommend a fun game for the players. Games should be “Team A” versus “Team B”.  At the beginning of the season, games should be simple and fun (ie) relay races around the bases, throwing competitions, etc.
As the season progresses, basic baseball Game structure and concepts should be introduced through 1-2 innings of simulated play.  The following rules should be respected:

1) All players get to play the field, no one sits on the bench. One of two Coaches should remain in field to direct positions and encourage.
2) All players get to bat in any order, every inning.
3) All players remain on the bench until it is their turn to bat. There should be at least one coach overseeing the bench making sure they are in order and ready to bat. Coaches should also make sure there is no one holding/swinging a bat, unless they are at the plate.
4) The only player who will be allowed to swing/hold a bat is the batter.
IMPORTANT: Over the years, a number of players and spectators have been hit with a bat by young players, who in their eagerness to swing a bat, do not look around to see if anyone is near where/when they are swinging.
5) Each batter should hit from a tee.  As season progresses, some players may receive pitches from a coach. If pitches are used, the player shall receive a maximum of four (4) pitches. If no hit after four pitches, then player shall hit off the tee.
6) Batters DO NOT run to first on a foul ball and runners on the bases do not advance. If it is foul, it is foul, no one advances.
7) If the runner is called out at a base, they are out and come off the field.