NEW! Halifax Minor Baseball Apparel!


Halifax Minor Baseball is pleased to announce a new official apparel line for our players and members, including improved Logos!  Starting in the 2024 season, the association will have standardized Recreational and Competitive Team apparel!

For our Competitive Teams!

Just like our Mets Jerseys and Hats, our team Warm-up T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, etc will all have a new standard look! 

Team merchandise is NOT mandatory to purchase, players do not have to purchase or wear these items.  We have seen in the past that most teams tend to place their own orders through different companies, using different versions of our logos.  The new standard will give each player the same look while on the field in games, practice, tournaments, etc and while representing Halifax Minor Baseball!   

For Recreational Teams!

For the first time ever, players, coaches and fans will have the option to purchase apparel, branded with our Halifax Minor Baseball Logo!

 Why do this?


  • Provides each Competitive player on each team the opportunity to represent Halifax Minor Baseball with the SAME look!
  • Provides an easy and consistent way to place Competitive team apparel orders, giving each team the same opportunity to purchase, IF desired.  No more scrambling to find team apparel!
  • Cost effective and same pricing for every player on Competitive and Recreational Teams!
  • Consistency in approved Halifax Minor Baseball branding!
  • Players can reuse the same items for more than one year as the design will not change!
  • Players can feel proud to wear the association’s name!
  • Option to personalize your apparel with your name and/or jersey number!
  • The same high quality apparel for everyone!
  • Supporting local!

More details to come on available items, how to purchase and pricing.  Please note that the use of the Halifax Minor Baseball Logos will require permission from the association as we want to ensure that our apparel is kept standard and available to everyone

Our improved Logos below!  (Logo colors will adjust depending on the material color that is used)