Misc FAQs


Can my child play up or down a level?

Girls can play down one level from their division and only for 1 year.  Competitive Teams will follow the rules from Baseball Nova Scotia.

A second year 7U player requesting to play up in 9U may be considered.  If approved, once that player is moved, the player then spends 3 years in 9U.

Please also be advised that all requests to play up from 7U to 9U division will be reviewed by the Board of Directors AFTER an evaluation of the player's skill level.  Age appropriate players will always be given first priority over under aged players.

If a 2nd/3rd year Rookie aged player wishes to try out for the 11U Competitive Team, they may do so. If the player does not make the 11U Competitive Team Roster, they will return to a 9U Team.

If the player makes the 11U Competitive Team, then that player will spend 3 years in 11U.  They are not able to move up to 13U until they reach the correct age. (No exceptions).

Please send your requests to the Registrar at lisa.halifaxminorbaseball.com.


Can I request to play on a team with my friend?

We are not able to accept same team requests.  The only exceptions made will be for siblings that are in the same division and the coach’s children.


What is the uniform policy?

Uniforms are and remain the property of the Halifax Minor Baseball Association.  Any/all uniforms distributed/passed out to a player(s) at the beginning of the baseball season MUST be returned to the Association by the end of the playing season when requested by the Association.  7U is the only Division that keep their T-Shirts.

Uniforms that are not returned will result in the depositing of any uniform deposit cheque held by the Association, and a letter and invoice being sent to the player’s parents/guardians requesting any shortfall in the replacement cost for each uniform.

Uniforms must not be altered in any way, unless they are the property of the player, such as pants purchased through the Association.  Any unauthorized alteration will result in the depositing of any uniform deposit cheque held by the Association, and a demand for any shortfall.  Failure to respond will result in the matter being turned over to a collection agency if necessary.  Any monies outstanding to the Association will result in the player being unable to participate in the Association in the future until all outstanding monies are paid.


How do I know what division to register my child in?

Divisions are separated by the year of birth of your child. Each Registration Program will have the birth year listed in it and is also setup to only allow appropriate age players to register.


What night and fields do the games get played?

Schedules are not finalized until a week or two before the beginning of the season. You should be prepared to play any night of the week, on any field in Halifax.

We strive to have games during the week and practices on the weekends, however, in some cases, this could change with make-up games and tournaments being scheduled on weekends.


What fields do the teams play on?

There are various fields that get used. All would be within the city limits of Halifax for Recreational games.  Competitive Teams will follow The Bluenose League schedule that is determined by Baseball Nova Scotia.  Travel within Nova Scotia will be required.  Baseball Nova Scotia will strive to have weeknight games within a reasonable travelling distance.


How do I find out about coaching in either Recreational or Competitive Leagues?

For Recreational coaching, please contact our President at martyn@halifaxminorbaseball.com.

For Competitive coaching for 11U and 13U, please contact the Director of Competitive at jonathan@halifaxminorbaseball.com

For Competitive coaching for 15U, 18U and 22U, please contact the Director of Competitive at kevin@halifaxminorbaseball.com.


 How do I find out about field conditions?

Field conditions are posted on weekdays by 3pm and the weekends by 8am on the HRM website at: halifax.ca/fieldconditions


 What does HRM mean when they say, sand/soil fields are closed but crusher dust fields are open?

Sometimes, HRM will only close certain fields in certain weather. Please see the “infield type” tab on the website for a list of fields and what type they are.

HMB sand/soil fields are: Piercey, Springvale, J. Albert Walker, Tremont, Graves Oakley, Larry O'Connell, Conrose and Mainland Common.

HMB crusher dust fields are: Burton Ettinger, Flinn, Gorsebrrok and Chocolate Lake.


What happens when fields are open and then it starts raining?

Teams are to proceed to the fields as scheduled, once there, the umpire will make the decision to cancel if required.

If agreed upon by BOTH team coaches beforehand, they may also be cancelled before heading to the field.  Coaches must do this at least 1 hour before games are scheduled to begin.  Once this is decided, it is also the coaches responsibility to inform the teams, scheduler, umpire assignor, and the Director of Recreational, ASAP, so we can keep track of the fields that were booked but didn’t get used and reschedule if possible.  Please contact the umpire assignor first, so umpires can be cancelled.

What happens when games are cancelled because of field closures?

We will do our best to reschedule these games. Please keep checking the schedule on the website for changes. Weather and availability play a major factor in rescheduling games.


What happens when games are started and then called due to weather/darkness/time?

In our Recreational League, 5 innings must be completed for a valid game, or 4.5 with the home team leading. When a game is called in the middle of an inning, regression is used where the score goes back to what it was at the end of the last full inning played.


How do I find out about umpiring?

Please contact the umpire assignors for Halifax Minor Baseball.  Their contact information is found under our Umpire menu on our website.  There will also be some basic information listed there for your reference.


I’m using Kidsport/Jumpstart, how do I register using these programs?

Please contact our Registrar, Lisa Conrad at lisa@halifaxminorbaseball.com.


What are the rules of play?

Each division will have rules listed under our Division Rules menu on our website.


How can I find out about volunteering?

When you register there is a section asking if you are interested in volunteering.  You can also contact the Registrar, Lisa Conrad at lisa@halifaxminorbaseball.com