Player Call Ups Policy


Halifax Minor Baseball Call-Up Policy

HMB has a firm policy for call-ups, designed to ensure fairness to players and teams.  This policy has five aspects: 

1. Call-ups in the pool are called up in a rotation: the same few players cannot be called up continuously while other eligible call-ups wait for a call.  All eligible and interested call-ups must have an equal opportunity to be called up.

2. In the Recreational divisions, the pool of eligible call-ups is shared by all Recreational teams in that division: no team has a separate pool of call-ups.

3. Players are eligible to be call-ups as follows.   

For Recreational teams, an eligible call-up is a Recreational player in the upper year of the age-division immediately below the team calling the player up: for example, a Recreational 13U team would   seek call-ups from the upper (older) year of 11U Recreational players, a Recreational 11U team would seek call-ups from the upper (older) year of 9U players, etc.

For Competitive teams, call-ups must first be sought in the same age-division as the team seeking the call-up, in the competition level immediately below that of the   team: AAA seeks call-ups from AA, AA from A, and A from upper-year Recreational players.  If no call-ups are available at that level, the team seeks call-ups from the next level down.  For example, a 13U AAA team first seeks 13UAA call-ups, then (if none are found) 13U A call-ups, then (if none of those are found) upper-year 13U Recreational call-ups.  Players can never be called-up to a Competitive level below that of their own team: for example, a 13U AA player can never be called up to a 13U A team. 

4. Call-ups are not allowed to pitch.

5. 11U, players must play a minimum of two (2) innings in the field; in 13U, 15U and 18U players must play at least three (3) innings in the field (unless game is shortened by mercy rule, rain, etc.)