Social Media Team Accounts Policy


Social Media Team Accounts Policy


Social media is a great way to share content about your team and players, but please see below for important things to bear in mind when creating and running team social media accounts (on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.). 


The main thing to remember is that, in running a team social media account, you are representing Halifax Minor Baseball, so the content that you post must be Halifax Minor Baseball-related and it must be positive.  


What is acceptable? 

  • Highlighting/posting action shots
  • Positive comments regarding the players and the team
  • Game/tournament times/schedules 
  • Standings or game/tournament results
  • Portraying good sportsmanship to your team, opposing team, parents, officials, fans.  
  • Demonstration of supporting sportsmanship at all times.

Accounts should be monitored by at least one team adult (including login information). 


What is unacceptable?

  • Any type of negative comment toward a fellow ballplayer (on your team or on the opposing team) 
  • Negative comments or photos of officials 
  • Photos that may be embarrassing to anyone
  • Blocking accounts such as: Halifax Minor Baseball, parents, players from any teams, etc. (though, on the other hand, please be mindful of spam accounts or other accounts that may be negative).
  • Singling out players: Team accounts are for the ENTIRE team, not a highlight video for one or two players: every player should regularly be featured.

Failure to follow this policy may result in the account being shut down.